Undoubtedly one of the greatest franchises of all time, Metal Gear Solid is finally receiving a true fifth installment.  Although split into two separate parts, in two separately sold games, together MGS: Ground Zeroes and MGSV: The Phantom Pain are MGSV; GZ being the prologue to the main game, TPP.  Admittedly, I decided not to watch the leaked Phantom Pain footage way back when because of pickiness when it comes to spoilers.  Anyway, here are some before and after thoughts surrounding MGSV’s reveal trailer.

Initial impressions, before trailer reveal:

  1. From FOX, two Phantoms were born.” - of course, Solid and Liquid Snake.
  2. Phantom limb - Snake suffers from phantom limb because his hand got chopped off, ggs.
  3. (credited to someone else, but I like it) Big Boss in a coma (images I saw of Phantom Pain early footage seemed very dreamlike).  There’s something related to Big Boss’ subconscious/psyche/mind, maybe causing “pain” on a psychological plane.  Going back to #2, hand-less Big Boss could be only in his own mind; may be a metaphor for something.

After watching the trailer countless times, and discussing with friends and reading numerous comments on articles, these are the impressions and theories and thoughts I have been brainstormed.  Take each point as an individual thought unless stated otherwise, I apologize if this is completely all over the place:

  1. Hey it’s Miller from Peacewalker!
  2. Coma - Big Boss is in a coma; 100 points to Maximillian.
  3. Psychological/Mind - There could definitely be something effecting Big Boss’ mind, which would explain the flaming humpback whale and the wild Rapidash appearing
  4. V has come to - V is used as both the number 5 and the letter V. The phrase “V has come to” implies two things:
         1.  V is a noun, a name for either a person, a thing, an idea. 
              Could be a code or shortened name for a longer term.
         2.  Whatever it is, it has awakened/began/start (come to).  This
              point reminded me of something else that Kojima may have
              had obvious inspiration and influence from.
  5. Another Snake - At the beginning Miller asks, “What about him?”, which begs the question, “Who is this ‘him’?”  Two phantoms were born from FOX, and my thoughts go directly to Solid and Liquid.  However, since the spotlight is on Big Boss this time around, what if the person Miller is referring to someone new - another Big Boss clone perhaps, a fifth Snake, hence V and 5.  He could be the long lost Gas Snake! Gaseous (Gassy?) beings do have a phantom-like quality.
  6. Phantoms -Phantom literally means a ghost, something that is not tangible, or hidden in reality.  I think that rules out Solid and Liquid as they were very much tangible, and they were really two out of a group of three (don’t leave out Solidus T_T).  Also they weren’t technically born from FOX.  So now I’m thinking maybe these phantoms are:
         1.  literally ghosts, spirits of the dead since FOX.  Possible
              names include The Boss herself (from FOX), Volgin (he died
              by FOX; possible cameo appearance in the trailer), and
              Gene (leader of rogue FOX unit).  Either way
              maybe something from Big Boss’s past with FOX is coming
              back to haunt him.
         2.  Experimental creations.  Again, something is going on if
              there are flaming humpbacks flying in the sky eating
    3.  Metaphor.  Post-Snake Eater and San Hieronymo, Big Boss 
              was no longer affiliated with FOX, he became a ghost of
    if you will.  He later formed the FOXHOUND unit, and
              Major Zero formed The Patriots.  Big Boss and Zero had a
              falling out, and Big Boss left to form the Militaires Sans
              Frontieres, whose uniforms contain the FOX symbol on the
              right shoulder.  So the two largest powers that stemmed
              from FOX would be the Patriots and the MSF.  However, it
              will be known way down the line that their respective
              leaders, Big Boss and Zero, will wage battle for a very long
              time.  The two phantoms could easily refer to these two
              groups, or Big Boss and Zero.  Also remember FOX vs XOF. 
  7. Foreshadow - A wild Ocelot appeared.  Ocelot was born during the FOX unit’s active time, so maybe Kojima again is playing with Ocelot as a major baddy, which would obviously build up to MGS4.  That in mind, his biggest rival, being Solid Snake, could also be featured in the game.  Maybe these phantoms (Ocelot and Solid) were phantoms because their relevance did not show until later down the line, so they will have minor (but the dramatic irony is huge) roles?  Maybe Solid was that third guy in the medic room with Miller and Naked? Maybe that’s why we didn’t get to hear David Hayter’s voice? Maybe Solid will make an actual appearance?! With Hayter voicing him of course.

That’s all for now, I may update this post in the future as new theories arise and old ones thrown out.  How do I feel about two separate games?  At first - I GOTTA BUY 2 GAMES??? But since it’s Metal Gear, I’ll let it pass, Kojima.  The thought of two full MGS games makes me !

UPDATE 4/4/13 - Point 3 (Psyche/Mind) - Psycho Mantis is in the game duuuuuuuuuh